Twenty years of romance by the seaside brings creative inspiration

The Yellow Point Lodge is where my husband and I have gone every June for the last 21 years to celebrate our love. It’s only 25 min from our house but it’s a world away. Driving down the lodge’s long forest-draped driveway instantly washes away all our cares. There are no phones, no TVs, no worries. We have made life-long friends here. We have laughed and cried with them. We have listened to the tide lap under our beachfront cabin deck. Many a night I would wake just to watch the moon dance on the swaying ocean. Last June was the first time I ever took art supplies there. That was the start of something special - a creative journey I’ve been waiting to walk my entire life. The REFLECTION COLLECTION is a lifetime of observation of the quiet simple life that formed me as a child and that I yearn to return to.