From land to sea, a painter's creative transition

Some of you (especially my floral fans) maybe a little confused about my quick departure from botanical painting into misty moody coastal-scapes. Here is the connection...

This next collection is titled REFLECTIONS because every week when I would take my mom out of her care home I would take her to our local beach in #Lantzville. My dad, my mom and I would sit and just watch the water wash over the rocks and the mountains would call to us from across the #GeorgiaStraight. And it is there, on the park bench that we would reminisce over what little memories they still have left. With this collection I’m reflecting on the pure childhood environment my parents painted for me and brother.

We grew up on a farm, by a lake, near the ocean. My childhood was quiet and full of nature. We explored forest trails, climbed mountains, paddled in canoes and collected starfish. My brother and I would purposefully get lost in those forests and mountains - the highlight was finding our way back. Water is entwined in every beautiful memory. Swimming, fishing, canoeing, skating - the best of what growing up in the #pacificnorthwest offers: 🏔misty mountains 🐚 rugged shorelands 🌊 expansive horizons.

They say that a person’s place has great influence on their sense of self. I’m certain that is true. These paintings are my exploration of that.

What place do you connect with?