She has Black Curly Hair

She has Black Curly Hair


An original painting by Ronei, from THE MEMORY COLLECTION, a  collection of six paintings cataloging irreplaceable memories with my Mother and Father - reflections of fading memories and a joyous connection.  Transcendent roses, vibrantly blossoming and simultaneously melting represent the vitality and fragility of life itself. I have dug a little deeper with the titles of these paintings, transcribing each title into full story format, transporting you with me on this journey. (scroll to the bottom for story)

She Has Black Curly Hair

Acrylic on canvas. 16”x20”x2”

Varnished, signed, sides painted a complimentary solid colour, unframed, ready to hang.

*The artist retains copyright of art for reproduction purposes.

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Why the title? Stories form who we are. This is my story...My mom‘s best friend is Carol, we called her auntie Carol. They showed their love for each through their teasing. Her and my mom often talked about the day, if they were lucky enough to have a baby girl, they hoped that it would also have thick black curly hair. My aunt’s baby girl quickly arrived, beautiful and healthy but unfortunately without the desired hair type, the two of them chuckling about it. I took a little longer to arrive. Mom couldn’t conceive , so they got in a long line up to adopt a child. The anticipation was almost unbearable but finally the call came. A baby girl was available. They drove from #Nanaimo to #Kamloops in the snow to get me. When my mom brought me home she immediately called my aunt Carol on the phone, bragging, “she’s got black curly hair!” My auntie, who lived right next door to us, rushed over immediately to witness the miracle child with the dreamy follicles. Only to find me, as bald as a billiard. The two of them laughing and enjoying the joke but more so, the long desired miracle of a new baby, black hair or not.