Salt Shaker in the Glovebox

Salt Shaker in the Glovebox


An original painting by Ronei, from THE MEMORY COLLECTION, a  collection of six paintings cataloging irreplaceable memories with my Mother and Father - reflections of fading memories and a joyous connection.  Transcendent roses, vibrantly blossoming and simultaneously melting represent the vitality and fragility of life itself. I have dug a little deeper with the titles of these paintings, transcribing each title into full story format, transporting you with me on this journey. (scroll to the bottom for story)

Salt Shaker in the Glovebox

Acrylic on canvas. 20”x24”x2”

Varnished, signed, sides painted a complimentary solid colour, unframed, ready to hang.

*The artist retains copyright of art for reproduction purposes.

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Why the title? Stories form who we are. This is my story...The area that I grew up in was all forest and farmland 40 years ago. In the middle of one of the forested areas there was a greenhouse/nursery. They had a little drive-up window where they would sell whatever was ripe at the time. Our favourite time to go was when the tomatoes were ready. We’d pull up in our car to the cute little window, pay our fee and take our box of tomatoes, still warm from the sun. We didn’t even park, we’d eat them as we were driving. To make that experience even sweeter, Mom kept a salt shaker in the glove box. We’d give a tomato a lick, shake some salt on it and eat like it or an apple. There was always a big pile of Dairy Queen napkins to catch all the drips as they’d run down our elbows.