Burnt Toast 2

Burnt Toast 2


An original painting by Ronei, from THE MEMORY COLLECTION, a  collection of six paintings cataloging irreplaceable memories with my Mother and Father - reflections of fading memories and a joyous connection.  Transcendent roses, vibrantly blossoming and simultaneously melting represent the vitality and fragility of life itself. I have dug a little deeper with the titles of these paintings, transcribing each title into full story format, transporting you with me on this journey. 

Burnt Toast 2

Acrylic on canvas. 40”x30”x2”

Varnished, signed, sides painted a complimentary solid colour, unframed, ready to hang.

*The artist retains copyright of art for reproduction purposes.

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Why the title? Stories form who we are. This is my story...My dad worked out of town most weekdays and we only saw him on the weekends. Occasionally when he WAS home during the weekday, he was the one that would wake me up for school. He let me sleep in over and over. Five minutes here, another five minutes there, every time coming in saying “Come on Babe time to get up!” He knew I loved to sleep in. When I finally would wake, he’d make me toast. He made it better than anybody I’ve ever known. I don’t know how it was so good. He’d slather on extra butter and peanut butter but never taking it all the way to the edge leaving the edges dry and crusty. He’d often burn it. I’d complain, only to hear him respond, “Burnt toast, it’ll put hair on your chest.” And my response, “But I don’t want hair  on my chest, dad!” It doesn’t sound great, does it? but somehow that Burnt Toast was magic. Or perhaps the magic was the kind and rare gesture from such a sweet dad.