STUDY TWO ~ 9.5"x7”

STUDY TWO ~ 9.5"x7”


An original painting by Ronei, from REFLECTIONS, A STUDY. This is one of nine studies that explore the vitality and fragility of our moods and how they reflect our changing seasons here on the West Coast of Canada. 4 seasons, one as powerful as the other. Come travel with me through the silencing fog and the drenched rain forest. Listen to the rhythmic pounding of the surf and feel the renewal of the rain. Inhale, exhale the pure ocean air. Let’s both connect to nature through these landscapes and find our peace.

Study #2

Acrylic on canvas panel w. gold embellishments. 9.5 x 7”

Varnished, signed, unframed.

*The artist retains copyright of art for reproduction purposes.

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