An expressive painter creating original acrylic paintings on canvas and printing her art on lifestyle, fashion and home decor products such as cashmere scarves, iPhone and Samsung phone cases and velvet cushion cases. Her new art features bright coloured florals, drippy foliage and tons of texture.


Reflection, a study


A bit about the artist…

Ronei (pronounced: Ron-eh) is an acrylic painter and graphite artist living on Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada. Her work resides across Canada, The United States and Europe. Noted collectors include acclaimed jazz performer Diana Krall, North American award-winning hairstylist Rossa Jurenes and Supreme Court judge Ross Landers.

She is self taught - beginning in realism graphite and watercolours - Ronei has recently starting exploring acrylic painting, some with high-gloss resin coat finishes. Moving from life-like graphite portraits to expressive, impressionistic painting has encouraged her to look inward, exploring her creative soul.

In her newest collection “THE MEMORY COLLECTION”, Ronei is preserving and honouring the memories that are quickly escaping both her parents who live with different dementias. This collection launched June 11th. See the menu bar for all collections of art and products.

Thank you for joining me on this journey! xo Ronei

I am utilizing my growth as an artist to develop as a human”
— Ronei

The Artist in her home studio, located on the pristine Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada.

Ronei’s other hats include caregiver; wife; mother; friend; salon owner and stylist; cat butler and chicken wrangler. She is known for her candor and wry sense of humour but is loved for her wisdom and immense empathy.